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What is Swiftcoin and why is it safer than cash?


Swiftcoin is electronic money that inhabits your computer just as email and word documents do. You can send Swiftcoin to anybody just as quickly and easily as you would send email and word document attachments.

Cash is regularly lost, stolen or damaged. Currency scares about the death of the dollar and the break up of the Eurozone cause these and other currencies to lose their purchasing power. Cash in a bank account or safety deposit box is easily seized by the government and cash in a retirement account vanishes when a firm like Enron goes bankrupt. Cash in a brokerage a count disappears when a Wall Street broker like MF Global siphons client funds then declares bankruptcy.

Swiftcoin, on the other hand, is indestructible and stealthy. It is money designed to meet the challenges of the 21st century. It can not be burned in a house fire. It can not be left in a taxi. It can not be taken out of your hands. It can not be removed from your bank account.

Nobody knows how much Swiftcoin you have or how much you spent. Nobody knows where you keep your Swiftcoin or what your Swiftcoin wallet is worth. Swiftcoin is independent of Bnak. It does not rely on or require management. Bnak does not control, regulate or govern Swiftcoin. Bnak does not monitor Swiftcoin transactions or keep records of Swiftcoin users. Swiftcoin users may have as many Swiftcoin wallets as they please; it is impossible to determine how many are in their possession or what their wallets contain. If the Bnak corporation declares bankruptcy or if this web site goes down, Swiftcoin remains unaffected. Transactions proceed as usual.

What happens to my Swiftcoin if my computer is hacked?

If your computer gets hacked and an attacker gains access to your Swiftcoin wallet data files, he still can not steal your Swiftcoin because wallet data is highly encrypted and your PIN is required to access the wallet. Without the wallet PIN it is impossible to open the wallet and conduct transactions.

As long as your password is safe and secure, your money is beyond reach of thieves. However, if a hacker eavesdrops on your wireless connection, fools you with spoof mail or bogus web sites, spies on you to obtain your password or tricks you into clicking on links that install key logging mal ware that captures your keyboard activity, then your Swiftcoin and everything else on your computer could be at risk.

This is why it is essential to use proxy servers that encrypt your Internet connection and install the latest anti-virus software at all times. Avoid computer and data protection products that are free. Never click on attachments or click on links from people you don't know and always check to see that the URL bar is blue when you visit this web site. Never write down your password and never use the same password for multiple web sites. BNAK will never send you an email asking for your account information or password. Change your password every year and make it impossible to guess.

Where do I keep my Swiftcoin?

In your Swiftcoin wallet on your computer.

Where do I get my Wallet?

Download it for free at

What happens if my computer crashes?

If your browser or computer crashes but there is no data loss, your Swiftcoin wallet and all the Swiftcoin inside remain unaffected. However, if you lose your laptop or your hard drive crashes, your Swiftcoin wallet will be gone along with all the data on your computer. But, to access your Swiftcoin wallet(s), your pin is needed. This stops thieves from getting into your wallet even if they take your computer. Unlike cash, which is lost or stolen forever, your wallet and all the Swiftcoin inside can be backed up (cloned) onto another computer or even a tiny, inexpensive flash drive or unmarked CD anytime you wish. Then, in the event of computer theft or a hard drive crash, your wallet and all the Swiftcoin inside can be brought back to you just as they were before ... even if some transactions occurred AFTER you cloned your wallet!

Where can I spend Swiftcoin?

Use it to buy and sell goods and services on the Internet at or use it to send money to anyone around the world in seconds. A Swiftcoin wallet is all that is needed to receive Swiftcoin.

What is the difference between Bitcoin and Swiftcoin and can I exchange one for the other?

Both Bitcoin and Swiftcoin are electronic currencies. They have many similarities but some key differences as well. Bnak buys and sells Swiftcoin for Bitcoin.

How do I buy and sell Swiftcoin?

Open an account at Bnak. All applications are accepted. Swiftcoin is purchased at the day's bid price. Bnak accepts many currencies and forms of payment to buy Swiftcoin. Click on the BUY and Sell buttons for details.

Can Swiftcoin be mined like Bitcoin? How do I get Swiftcoin without having to buy it directly?

No it can not be mined. It can be bought for dollars, euros or Bitcoin at Bnak or it can earned by selling goods and services at

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