About Swiftcoin

Mobile Cash

Bnak is an over-the-counter exchange where Swiftcoin and Solidus bonds can be bought and sold. Its mission is to reduce volatility, provide liquidity and serve as a Swiftcoin market price indicator.

About Swiftcoin

Swiftcoin is electronic money that travels from computer to computer. Transactions are encrypted and anonymous, and there is no central bank or authority to watch over transactions or users. Bnak acts as an exchange and Swiftcoin price guide.

What is Swiftcoin

Swiftcoin is a revolutionary new kind of money. Like Bitcoin and other Electronic stores of value (also known as e-currency, e-money, electronic cash, electronic currency, digital money, digital cash, digital currency, cyber currency) is money that is only exchanged electronically. This requires the use of computer networks, the Internet and digital stored value systems like the Swiftcoin wallet.

Swiftcoin, a non-centralized, peer-to-peer, electronic money that is independent of any particular firm, nation, personality or web site (including Bnak). Swiftcoin enables anonymous, direct, encrypted, instantaneous, non-reversible, storage and transfer of wealth over time and space at negligible cost. It greatly reduces the need for banks, plastic cards of all sorts, checks, money orders and storefront money transfer businesses.

Swiftcoin is as border less and rapid as email and as anonymous as a coin in a vending machine. It is the future of money.

Free Encrypted and Anonymous Text Messaging

Kiss big brother goodbye. Use your Swiftcoin wallet for secure, encrypted, private text communications that can not be intercepted or stored outside your device. A written message can be sent inside one Swiftcoin wallet to any other along with a minimum transaction of 0.001 Swiftcoin, which can be returned to you in the reply message. Your net cost is zero. After the message is received, both the text and the wallet can be saved or deleted forever with a point and click. There is no central repository of transaction data. The wallet itself is identified only by a string and wallets can be easily moved off your device to any other device, a thumb drive or deleted without a trace.